Can Luggage Wheels Be Replaced

Can Luggage Wheels Be Replaced

The wheels on most suitcases give us the option to push, pull or walk around with our luggage. This feature is most definitely a convenience since all of us would opt to do this rather than lift or carry them around with our arms or shoulders.

Luggage Repair: Can Luggage Wheels Be Replaced?

Suitcases with built-in wheels make it super easy to navigate around cramped spaces such as parking areas, airport terminals or airplane aisles. Unfortunately, the wear and tear that comes from frequent use is somewhat unavoidable, hence repairing or replacing the wheels are needed. So, can luggage wheels be replaced?

In this regard, you have two options to choose from if you want your luggage wheels repaired or replaced: You can either send them to a distinguished repair shop or fix them yourself.

In this guide, we will be discussing the general how-to, as well as the necessary equipment needed in replacing or repairing the wheels on our luggage.

Fastening loose luggage wheels

More often than not, luggage wheels become loose or fall off before the bag faces utter destruction. In such a case, securely fastening them back on is an easy task since you only need a screwdriver that matches the size of the screws used.

Make sure to fasten the screws carefully and not too tight to avoid the wheel or the wheel case from cracking. Also, check if you fastened them firmly enough to make your luggage sturdy again to bear the weight of the items you pack.

DIY replacement of broken luggage wheels

In extreme cases, like when the luggage wheels have become stuck or have been cracked or split, and thus now incapable of rolling smoothly, you have no option but to replace them with new ones. Before you begin, you need=to purchase replacement wheels.

Step 1

Most established luggage manufacturers sell them or you can buy the wheels in luggage stores that carry the same brand as your luggage.

Make sure that the wheels you ordered are the same as the ones being replaced to guarantee stability. The manufacturer would be able to provide you the measurements of your wheels, or you can measure them yourself. In a simpler manner, you can opt to use the warranty on your luggage to replace the whole bag or just the wheels.

Step 2

Prepare the necessary items you will use in removing and installing the wheels. As mentioned earlier, you will need a screwdriver appropriate to the screws on the wheels. In some cases where the wheels are attached to an axle or rivet, you will probably need something like a hacksaw to cut through it as they are relatively hard to remove.

You can also use a power drill in order for you to pull out the rivet. With this, you will also need a screw and a screw post, which will act as your new axle for your replacement wheels. Be sure to also have a thread lock or super glue.

Step 3

Remove the screws that attach to the wheels using the screwdriver, by turning them counter-clockwise. If they are attached with a rivet, cut through the middle of the rivet using the hacksaw, but make sure not to cut any part of the wheel casing.

Step 4

Use a screwdriver to poke out the old, broken rivet by inserting it in the rivet hole. Remove the broken wheel and dispose of it.

Step 5

Take the replacement wheel and the new axle built from the screw and screw post. Put the wheel inside the casing and insert the axle in between the holes of the casing and the wheel.

Step 6

Put a small amount of thread lock or super glue inside the screw then place the screw post before bolting it in place. The thread lock or super glue will make the axle stay in place. Tighten the new axle with a screwdriver.

Step 7

Test the wheels on your luggage after replacing them. Check if the wheels are even from all sides and make sure that your bag is sturdy when you push or pull it. Place some items inside the luggage to give it some weight before wheeling it around since most empty suitcases are wobbly.

So, the answer to the questions “can luggage wheels be replaced?” is a definite yes, and you can even do it on your own.

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