Best Luggage Sets

Best Luggage Sets

Whether it is a simple out of town getaway weekend, a professional business trip, or moving away to college, owning a dependable suitcase is a benefit that allows you to bring every essential item with you. Luggage come in different types, made from diverse materials and have multiple purposes.

Soft carry-on totes, backpacks, or duffel bags are generally used for light traveling such as hiking, camping or a weekend away. They are practically made to store documents, a few items of clothes, maybe a laptop, and other personal belongings which you can easily access.

On the other hand, suitcases generally come in two different styles, hard sided or soft sided. Soft-sided luggage is usually made from nylon or canvas-like material while hard-sided models are made from materials like aluminum and polypropylene. Regardless of the material of your luggage, each is ideal for a particular use, and each type has their own pros and cons.

Soft luggage, like backpacks and soft-sided suitcases, are easily accessible, very flexible, capable of being stored in most compact spaces, and are highly versatile in terms of storing items. One major downside though is that they usually are not water resistant and may acquire odors due to growth of mold or mildew.

Hard-sided suitcases, on the other hand, protect your fragile belongings better than soft ones; they are sturdier and less prone to theft since trying to gain access with knife would be difficult. They are easier to maneuver because of the installed wheels.

Things to look for in a set of luggage

Two of the most important factors that we should look into choosing the best luggage sets are durability and portability.


We all want luggage that will last a couple of years to make sure that we get our money’s worth in using it. As mentioned earlier, soft and hard models have their own perks. In terms of durability, hard-shelled luggage will withstand more wear and tear since you can use them in the rain, snow, and they will stand up to the occasional dings and scrapes normally experienced during travels.

They are generally more resilient to rough handling brought about by luggage checking. Soft models on the other hand, last longer in terms of lifespan, but not because of overall toughness.

Check the zippers in all the bags you are thinking of buying. It would be a definite hassle if the zipper on your luggage breaks when you are on your trip. In general, metal zippers are stronger than coil zippers.

Chain zippers are made of metal where two sets of teeth link together upon closure. Coil zippers, in contrast, are normally made with polyester where they slide in parallel coils. Luggage designed with coil zippers can be easily pulled apart even with just the use of a ball pen.


Almost all suitcases today are now built with wheels. The question is whether you would you prefer a 2- or a 4-wheeled bag. Four-wheels are now common among hard-shelled suitcases.

They provide multi-directional movement since the wheels can spin 360°. They are relatively easier to navigate than their 2-wheeled counterparts. They are easy to balance upright, although they could also roll away if you place them upon an inclined surface.

Two-wheeled suitcases, in contrast, are less ergonomic and require more strength from you when you roll them. However, they are better to use than 4-wheeled suitcases in areas like sidewalks, streets, and other uneven surfaces.





  Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set  $  4.1/5
  American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II 3 Piece Set  $  4.1/5
  Merax Travelhouse Luggage Set 3 Piece Expandable Lightweight Spinner Suitcase  $$  4.4/5
  Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Hardshell Lightweight  $$  4.0/5
  Samsonite Omni PC 3 Piece Set Spinner 20 24 28  $$$  4.6/5
  Rockland Luggage 20 Inch and 28 Inch 2 Piece Expandable Spinner Set  $  4.0/5
  U.S Traveler Rio carry-on lightweight expandable rolling luggage suitcase set  $  4.2/5
  HAUPTSTADTKOFFER Luggages Sets Glossy Suitcase Sets Hardside Spinner Trolley Expandable  $$$  4.3/5
  Travel Select Luggage Amsterdam Two Piece Carry-On Luggage Set – Navy  $  4.0/5
  Lemoone Luggage Set II 3 Piece Set Spinner Suitcase Set  $$  4.8/5

Five of the best luggage sets on the market

The following list shows some of the best and quality luggage sets you can find today. Take a pick, as they will assure you ease of mind and safety as well as make you feel stylish in your travels.

Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Set

The Rockland luggage set is offered in a wide variety of options in terms of color and patterns. Its budget-friendly cost makes this set a decent choice for children and young adults. Coming in at below $100, this luggage set is something to consider.


  • 100% polyester
  • Inclusive of a 14” carry-on tote bag
  • Lightweight
  • Built-in retractable handle and wheel system
  • Zippered pockets
  • With locks and keys for added safety
  • Designed with high-quality fabric


What we liked best with the Rockland set is that it comes with a separate carry-on tote bag. At times where we only need to go on a short trip, spanning a night or two, we only need to bring the 14” bag since we can pack any essentials needed within it. On longer trips like international travel, we can stuff clothing, undergarments, and toiletries within the 20” suitcase while putting our basic necessities and necessary documents within the tote bag, which can be carried on the plane.

It is positively durable for its price thanks to the heavy-duty high-count fabric used in its construction. For a fraction of the price of other high-end suitcases, this set is definitely cost-effective.

As for additional safety measure, the Rockland luggage set comes with small locks and keys which is pretty neat considering that you will not be attending to your luggage at all times. However, you may want to consider purchasing TSA-approved locks to avoid any destruction if your bags need to be inspected when you are not there to open them.


We noticed that when fully packed, particularly the large suitcase, it has a hard time standing on its own. This might be due to its narrow feet and two wheels incapable of bearing the weight of the items within the luggage. Often times, we had to find something to lean it against, like a wall or next to a chair.

Also, we noted that the “Rockland” decals can be easily detached from the bags. It is not much a durability issue but it says something about its overall design.

Finally, the 14” carry-on is not as sturdy as the large suitcase since we observed that it pulls at the seams whenever we packed a lot of things inside it. Make sure not to overload the bag whenever you travel with it.


Rockland products are generally popular among travelers. They carry affordable, yet good quality bags within their array of products. Such is in the case of the Rockland 2-piece luggage set. You can be sure that they are sturdy enough to handle your occasional travel expeditions.

American Tourister Luggage Fieldbrook II 3 Piece Set

Peace of mind is something we look forward to when we journey for a long duration. With the American Tourister Fieldbrook II, you can be sure that this luggage set will keep your belongings safe and sound, whether they’re in the back seat or trunk of a car, or in the luggage hold of an airplane.


  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Interior fabric lining
  • Built with mono-tube handle and skate wheel system
  • Diverse range of choices in terms of color
  • One push lock for the handle
  • With organizational pockets
  • Can be stacked together for efficient storage


The use of 100% polyester reinforces the luggage in resisting normal wear and tear brought by frequent use. Not only that, but its construction was made that way to make it more lightweight than most bags in its price range.

The retractable mono-tube handle can be locked in place when extended, which makes the bag easy to move across different surfaces.

The three different bags that come in the set can be efficiently stowed away when not in use since the small one can fit within the mid-size bag, while the mid-size bag can be placed inside the largest suitcase.

Ideally, you want a suitcase that can be expanded, say if you want to pack additional souvenirs or gifts you picked up during your trip. The Fieldbrook II comes with a feature that allows room for expansion that addresses this concern.


Make sure that you do not confuse the Fieldbrook II with its higher-end and more expensive sister luggage set Brookfield II, as the former is definitely lower grade compared to the latter. With its own features, it is still a decent quality set of luggage, particularly for its price.

The older models of the set come with an outside reinforcing strap which is now absent in the updated models. We’re not sure why they removed this feature but it could have added robustness to the overall quality of the luggage.

The interior fabric lining appears to be easily detached since it is not fitted properly and its feel is somewhat paper-like. In addition, the mono-tube handle when extended feels wobbly to the touch, especially when the luggage is being pulled along the ground.


The American Tourister Fieldbrook II’s value to price ratio is probably the best with what is out there on the market. It is definitely a good choice if you want to opt for the soft type of luggage.

Merax Travelhouse Luggage Set 3 Piece Expandable Lightweight Spinner Suitcase

Highly tested for quality and a top pick by some frequent travelers, the Travelhouse luggage is a go-to 3-piece luggage set you can choose for your next trip.


  • Constructed with polycarbonate-ABS hard shell material
  • 360° spinner wheel system
  • Aluminum, telescoping metal handle with clamps
  • Highly scratch resistant
  • Nested storage design
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty package


The hard-shell casing used in this luggage set allows you to store delicate possessions like iPads, cameras or laptops without the worry that they may break inside. In addition, the integral shock absorption of this material aids in protecting your belongings.

The luggage is also capable of resisting scratches brought about by mishandling during baggage check ins. Lastly, because of the polycarbonate material, the luggage set is lighter than other hard-sided bags constructed with aluminum or plastic.

The 360°, 4 spinner wheels that come on the luggage relieve you from the hassle of dragging your bags across different surfaces. This is because they help keep the weight off of you, allowing you to only use a little energy to move them from place to place. On an even surface, you can even leave the luggage standing on its own because of these wheels.

At the sides of the suitcases and carry-on, you will find a zipper that when unzipped will give you additional packing capacity. This feature does not make the luggage look too bulky when loaded with lots of items since the bags themselves expand as you add more things.


As with all hard-cased luggage bags, do not expect smaller, and more accessible front pockets on the outside. All suitcases like these are composed of one big compartment, with smaller pouches within.

What we recently noticed with the bag is that the exterior zipper that provides more packing capacity can be easily torn. Aside from this, the interior lining is somewhat flimsy to the touch and made with the same material used with the expansion zipper lining.


Overall, the Merax Travelhouse is a decent investment when it comes to hard-shelled suitcases. They provide everything you will need in an affordable and excellent bag.

Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Hardshell

Coolife’s 3 Piece Spinner Luggage set is a handy and ready-to-go luggage set, suitable for all types of holiday makers and travelers.


  • 100% polycarbonate-ABS construction
  • Zipper and elastic pockets found in the interior
  • Multi-directional and silent-running spinner wheels
  • Includes 28”, 24”, and 20” luggage pieces
  • With ergonomic, aluminum and telescoping handles
  • Combination lock for added security
  • 2-year warranty package


The Coolife luggage package comes in a wide variety of solid colors to choose from. From plain blue and black colors, to pink, orange and purple, owning one of these would bring more style to your travel.

The interior compartment is equipped with a zipper and elastic pockets which make it easier to organize your belongings. Aside from this, the presence of a combination lock to secure your possessions from theft and baggage checking is another welcome feature.

The spinner wheels and aluminum, telescoping handles allow you to move the luggage with ease. Because of these features, the suitcases feel weightless whenever you push or pull them along.

What we also liked in this set is that it comes with a free 2-year warranty package. This allows you as a potential buyer to return a defective product, probably a piece with a broken zipper or wheel, and have the manufacturer replace it with a new one.


The only drawback we can see, but not in particular for this set alone, is that hard-cased bags like these are very firm, which makes them hard to store; you may not be able to fit them in an overhead bin or under the seat in front of you, unlike a soft-padded backpack.


The overall features of the Coolife 3-piece luggage set make it ideal for savvy professionals as well as traditional tourists who plan to go on a long-duration travels. Its performance, mid-range price, and security functions make it must-own luggage.

Samsonite Omni PC 3 Piece Set Spinner

Purchasing a high-end luggage set is an asset not only because you are guaranteed years of resiliency, but also because it saves you from minor inconveniences that can occur when using a lower grade set. Case in point, the Samsonite Omni PC luggage set is a set you might want to consider if you want first-class luggage that is free from poor construction.


  • Side mounted TSA locks
  • 100% polycarbonate ABS material and micro-diamond texture
  • Interior nylon lining
  • Slotted top and side handles
  • Multi-directional spinner wheels
  • Zipper compartments and cross strap found within


The addition of TSA-approved locks is what makes the Omni PC stand out from the rest of the luggage sets we have reviewed so far. The locks allow the luggage to be checked by airport authorities even without the presence of the passenger. This saves you from the bother of having to go and unlock your bags every time they need to be inspected. In addition, these locks are more secure than traditional padlocks and keys.

The micro-diamond texture is an added bonus that gives supplementary scratch-resistance that is already provided by the polycarbonate shell. In addition, the horizontally ribbed exterior also adds further support in case you want to place heavy objects on top of the luggage.

The luggage is highly expandable because of the zipper-expansion feature found at the sides of the suitcases, great for those who do last-minute shopping at the end of their trip.

The interior is lined with nylon, a material that is more durable than the overused polyester. This makes the bag more resistant to abrasion and tearing as well as easier to clean.

The set comes in five different trendy colors: Radiant Pink, Burnt Orange, Caribbean Blue, Teal and Black. These color options make the luggage set well-rounded or suitable for everyone, and allows you to travel in good fashion.


The largest suitcase within the set is .5” bigger than the oversize rule in most airlines. However, this would be relatively unnoticeable and unlikely be an issue when checking in your luggage.


The Samsonite Omni PC Luggage Set has a sleek design with corresponding features and strength to boast that match its price range. You can be sure that the luggage set has a good combination of style and substance.